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The Durafil Group

The leading name in quality Sewing Thread, technical and specialty  yarn, Durafil has been the pre-eminent symbol of quality and competitiveness for almost half a century.

Headquartered in China, with a total spinning capacity of over 150,000 spindles and relying on its 190 highly educated qualified professionals and 2300 highly trained skilled workers, in 4 fully owned spinning mills, Durafil continues to expand its long history of achivement and innovation.

With a technology line-up which includes machinery from Rieter, Switzerland and Schlafhorst and Volkmann (TFO) Germany, Durafil continues to occupy an important position in the supply of Spun Polyester, Poly-Poly Corespun Poly-Cotton Corespun  , PVA Water Soluble , Twistless Cotton yarn.

Our Specialty Technical Yarns Division specialise in producing mainly the following types of yarns to customer's exacting specifications: Kermel, Tejin Conex, Protex-M as well as super high tenacity fibre Vectran and Nylon 66.

An obsession with perfection has resulted in Durafil being among the first companies in China to have fully internalised TQM and TPM, as well as being the earliest to have been accredited with ISO 9001-2000.

You are most welcomed to contact us to see how our quality, service and attractive prices can help your sewing thread, technical fabrics, weaving or knitting business become more competitive.

Please contact us: Customer.service@durafi-threadl.com

  • Spun Polyester sewing yarn
  • Poly-Poly Corespun
  • Poly-Cotton Corespun
  • Bag Closing Thread
  • PVA Water Soluble
  • Twistless Cotton
  • Filament Polyester
Durafil has become a name synonymous with consistent product quality.

Durafil is professionally managed by a core group of engineers and technologists with decades of industry experience between them and backed by a team of trained professionals at all levels.